Anna Göbel Violin


Anna Göbel captivates her audience with strong stage presence and sensitive and profound playing. As a dedicated chamber musician she founded the Duo con moto and is a member of the Ensemble Fantastique. Furthermore she is interested in the dialogue with different art forms and combines music and dance to create her own concert formats with the Metamorphosen Ensemble.

She gained orchestra experience in Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne, the National Theater Orchestra Mannheim and Hamburg Philharmonic State Orchestra. As assistant leader of the second violin section she worked in the State Theater Mainz and plays in the first violin section of the State Orchestra Kassel in the season 21/22.

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Warm string sounds, sparkling virtuosity and innovative interpretations – that unites violinist Anna Göbel and cellist Anna Catharina Nimczik. As Duo con moto they showcase the versitility of their instruments.

In 2022 the two musicians will perform  at the chamber music festival Kühlungsborn, at the castle of Vondern, at KunstForumEifel and at Kunstwerk Turbinenhaus Naumburg among others.

About Duo con moto


Mit Farbe und Leinwand, Geige und Geste untersuchen Anna Göbel und Liska Schwermer-Funke die Schnittstellen von Musik und Malerei.

SPANNUNGEN PTDS verknüpft die sanften, feurigen, auch skurrilen Klänge von Violeta Dinescus Komposition „Pour triompher du soleil…“ und das Spiel mit Farbe und Form zu einer intermedialen Performance.


Meta­morphosen Ensemble

The Metamorphosen Ensemble merges sound and movement into an extraordinary stage experience. In this process instrumentalists and dancers move subtly between the genres from a chamber music concert into a ballet performance.

The multifaceted ensemble owes its name to Ovid´s Metamorphosis which has been the inspiration for its first production „Verwandlung“. For the festival „Lüneburger Bachwoche 2020“ Anna Göbel and choreographer Kristina Borbelyova created „Begegnungen mit Bach“ for violin, violoncello and two dancers.

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4th movement: Allegretto poco mosso with pianist Shanji Quan


Performance with artist Liska Schwermer-Funke